Feature Differences between SliQ Invoicing Online and SliQ Invoicing Plus

The table below lists the current differences between SliQ Invoicing Online and SliQ Invoicing Plus.

Feature SliQ Invoicing Online SliQ Invoicing Plus
Use on iPad

SliQ Online can be used in a web browser, e.g. Safari or Chrome, on an iPad.

Use on an Android tablet

SliQ Online can be used in a web browser, e.g. Chrome, on an Android tablet.

Use on Smartphone

SliQ Online can be used in a web browser on a Smartphone, e.g. an iPhone.

Customisable Templates

SliQ Online contains similar options for templates as Plus and also allows templates to be edited in a Windows application and then uploaded back to your account online.

SliQ Plus allows templates to be associated with specific customers and invoices. SliQ Online only allows a global template to be configured.

Record Payments

If PayPal is configured as a payment processor, your customers can pay online in their client portal and the payment will be automatically logged against the invoice.

Credit Notes
Recurring Invoices

You can optionally choose to have recurring invoices automatically emailed to your customers.

Client Portal

Your customers are emailed a link to a portal from where they can look at their invoices and quotes online, print or download them as PDFs and get a statement.

Products & Discounts
Subtotals on Line Items
Discounts on Subtotals
Carriage/ Shipping
Print Invoices
Save PDFs of Invoices

SliQ Online currently has fewer reports than Plus.

Delivery Notes
Purchase Orders & Suppliers
Payment Reminders
Multiple Contacts/ Customer
Price Bands

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